Wszystkie przedmioty w Lineage 2 – baza wiedzy

Bronie (Weapon):

Weapon D-grade

Weapon C-grade

Weapon B-grade

Weapon A-grade

Weapon S-grade

Weapon S80-grade

Weapon S84-grade

Zestawy zbroi (Armor Sets):

Armor D-grade

Armor C-grade

Armor B-grade

Armor A-grade

Armor S-grade

Armor S80-grade

Armor S84-grade

Biżuteria (Jewelry):

Jewelry D-grade

Jewelry C-grade

Jewelry B-grade

Jewelry A-grade

Jewelry S-grade

Jewelry S80-grade

Jewelry S84-grade

Epic Jewelry
Skrole (Scrolls):

Scrolls enchanting

scrolls sharpening armor

Scrolls for sharpening weapons destruction
Klucze i skrzynie (Keys and Chests):

Deluxe Chest Key

Treasure Chest
Soulshots / Spirit shots / Blessed Spirit shots:

Soulshots for warriors

Spirit shots for mages

Blessed Spirit shots for mages
Kamienie Życia (Life Stones):

Life Stone

Mid-Grade Life Stone

High-Grade Life Stone

Top-Grade Life Stone
Inne przedmioty (Other items):

Spellbooks and Amulets

Paints Greater Dye

Secret Book of Giants

Giant’s Codex

Giant’s Codex – Mastery

Giant’s Codex – Discipline

Giant’s Codex – Oblivion

RB eggs for learning clan skills

Ancient Book Divine Inspiration

Crystals and gemstones for crafting