Deliver Supplies

Description: Sentry Jeanine says that according to Tetrarch Kaitar’s prophecy, the Dark Forest will be invaded by someone. To prepare for an attack, all Sentries decided to optimize their weapons. Master Harant promised to provide them brand new weapons, and they ask you to transport the weapons. Level3 Start LocationDark Elven Village Start NpcSentry Jenna RacesDark Elf ClassesAll RepeatableNo (Solo) Reward820a
Quest Guide
1. Talk with Sentry Jenna outside the Dark Elven Village’s eastern exit.2. Give the letter to Master Harant in temple at the north end of the village, get 3 Sentry Blades.3. Go back to Jenna. She will take one blade.4. Give the 2rd blade to Sentry Roselyn inside the eastern exit, get another old bronze sword.5. Give the 3nd blade to Sentry Kristin inside the western exit, get an old bronze sword.6. Take the 2 bronze swords to Jenna.The reward is 820a.
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